Nation Building: Our country, not “this country”

I’ve been out of the loop on the #Zumamustfall campaigns that spread across South Africa at the end of last year calling for the removal of our corrupt president (protestors are pointing to things like Nkandla, the mansion Zuma built with tax payer money- protest chant is simply “Pay back the money!”) I’ve been out ofContinue reading “Nation Building: Our country, not “this country””

On the danger of standing ovations

<< If you haven’t read Go Set A Watchman this post is full of spoilers.>> My introduction to To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee was sitting in a hot tenth-grade English class, in South Africa, while deep South dialect was read slowly, out loud, in English-South-African accents. We were doing The Cambridge System, which,Continue reading “On the danger of standing ovations”

Flight Behavior: On identity, climate change, and the evangelical tribe

Identity was the word of the year in 2015. Which I like, because I’m obsessed with thinking about how identity works in shaping our world. There’s people who think stuff happens in the social world primarily because people are rational and weighing the pros and cons and acting in their own self-interest. Then there’s peopleContinue reading “Flight Behavior: On identity, climate change, and the evangelical tribe”

Glitter in my veins & Jesus in my heart: thoughts on texas

So, people have been asking for stories about Texas. And oh, how I want to comply. I have stories. I have stories about going to a rodeo, and the culture shock of all the American flag-waving, horse-riding, gun-toting, public-place praying, Mexican-immigrant joking that went on. I’ve been told that the announcer with his off-color jokesContinue reading “Glitter in my veins & Jesus in my heart: thoughts on texas”

Prophets and Protestors: No Justice, No Peace

I’ve been thinking about prophets and protestors lately. Ever since reading Radical Reconciliation, I’ve been thinking about the role that followers of Jesus play in advocating for social justice. It’s Christmas. People are saying things about peace on earth and goodwill, and too often we equate peace with, “No one at the Christmas dinner table sayingContinue reading “Prophets and Protestors: No Justice, No Peace”

Advent songs for Ferguson

I’ve been reading “Radical Reconciliation“, and one of the things the authors talk about is that mega-churches are now some of the most diverse churches in America. (“Diverse” means that there’s at least 25% people who aren’t white who attend…the percentage might actually be smaller than that, I don’t remember. And it doesn’t refer toContinue reading “Advent songs for Ferguson”

FREE Advent Music

I love Christmas music. In our family we *gasp!* always started listening in November every year, because no one in South Africa celebrates Thanksgiving and summer holidays start the first week of December. (This means you’ve been in a Christmas play and covering cardboard Christmas trees in green glitter for a month by the time DecemberContinue reading “FREE Advent Music”

Stealing isn’t a poor people problem. What?!

I’ve been reading the book Radical Reconciliation by Curtiss DeYoung and Alan Boesak. It was recommended to me over on Austin Channing’s site (she’s a great US reconciler, go check out her stuff!). It has been good to read a book on reconciliation that is written by: A South African An American A theologian/pastor AContinue reading “Stealing isn’t a poor people problem. What?!”

You’re still here: Adoption month

“The first sibling my family adopted joined our family as a young baby. The second time my family adopted, my new little brother was six. He had Radical Attachment Disorder from spending so much time in the orphanage. First his birth mother left him, and then he had cycled through numerous caregivers at the orphanage,Continue reading “You’re still here: Adoption month”