On being all there

I can smell the woodpile outside our house burning. The accumulation of dried brush, old leaves, and a tree felled a few months ago. The bonfire crackles in the smoky, damp evening, and suddenly, my stomach lurches, and I’m flung back across the ocean, across time, to Indiana cornfields. To pumpkins and to leaves so … Continue reading On being all there

Tackling a vortex of despair: my 3 step decluttering recipe (in a tiny house with kids!)

First, some things I believe: Everything in your home is speaking to you. It’s telling you “take care of me!” or “tidy me!’ or “put me away!” So when you have less stuff, you have more mental calm. (Minimalist Mom on youtube has a *great* video on this topic). AND YET even though we live … Continue reading Tackling a vortex of despair: my 3 step decluttering recipe (in a tiny house with kids!)


While I mostly share my writing on Instagram (@steph.e.writes) you can read my longer-form thoughts here on my blog, which has archives of the last 8 years. I mostly share things about living in a tiny house with toddlers, navigating the art of making space for myself (and writing), and how we live with the fact that we have so much while so many do not — how do we live in community, live as good neighbours, and resist materialism and consumerism? I have been learning a lot about white supremacy and the way it shows up in South Africa, America, and myself, so sometimes I write about that.

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It’s like a highlight reel with links to my writing on all these topics: minimalism with kids, tiny house living, being good neighbours, social justice, motherhood — and so you can just click what’s interesting.

Plus, I’ll be sharing gems I discover as I research our literary foremothers: other women who somehow managed the almost impossible task of writing with small children. And, occasionally, a poem.

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“To my friends who are relieved today” – blog post read aloud on the Holy Post Podcast Ep226 (4o min mark)