Hey there!

Hi, I’m Steph – just trying to balance writing and tiny house living with two toddlers. Wondering how Anne Bradstreet managed to be a poet with 8 kids and no washing machine.

I write about making more space for beauty & justice to meet. I wonder about simplicity, social justice, creativity, & motherhood. And sometimes you get a poem.

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About Me

Hi, Steph again. It’s my site after all. What else do you want to know? I’m an enneagram 7 (social subtype for you nerds). I love having text conversations with my husband exchanging articles when we should be working. I studied English Lit and Sociology, and married my American college boyfriend. We were the generation of Shane Claiborne, that “Radical” book by David Platt, and not wanting to sell-out to the corporate Christian megachurch machine.

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