These SUPER SIMPLE Lent family devotion cards are great for little kids – age 2/3 and up. These are 24 color flash cards with a picture on the front, and NIrV text of a Bible passage on the back. Also, Jesus is not white- yay!

There are 4 per week leading up to Palm Sunday, and they follow main stories and teachings from the book of Luke, centered around mercy and compassion. There are 1-3 reflection questions or activities to do with kids with each reading, which you can choose to do– or not! Keep it simple!

The cards print out front and back, 4 per page. You will also get the “e-version” which is a full-size version, so if you just want to look at the pictures and text on your phone or tablet, you can. If you sign up for my newsletter, you get the first week free. 🙂 So do that to check them out. If you can’t pay $6.50, just pay what you can. When you purchase, you will get a link to a Google drive folder in your receipt to download. WordPress calls it a membership … but you’re not subscribing to anything, don’t worry!

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I would definitely recommend the Lent Devotionals. They gave me kid-appropriate Bible sections to go over with my toddlers and simple questions that cultivated purposeful discussions. I loved the stories and questions that pointed directly to characteristics of God rather than behaviors we ought to be doing. My son is prone to being a major rule-follower and I want him to grasp who God is before he jumps into doing the rules for God.

 Courtney, Chicago IL (kids age 5yrs, 2yrs, 1yr)

This script takes the nine traditional readings found in the Great Vigil of Easter, shortens and simplifies them, with ideas for props and ways to make this experience interactive for your family. Essentially, the recipe is: outdoor bonfire at night + dramatic readings of the stories from the Old Testament (and a few from the New) about God’s big plan of redemption all through scripture, which ends in Jesus. Add in some pot banging or bells for the responsive readings, and end with some toasts of “He is Risen!”

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy this! Get together with neighbors around a bonfire and act it out 🙂

For smaller children, I suggest just doing 4 readings: Creation, Abraham and Isaac, Miriam (Exodus), and Mary Magdalene. This script includes a background to Easter Vigils, some links to explore, and the entire text typed out for you (based directly on the NIrV where possible). All you have to do is print and read!

This download provides you with a few links to resources for making your own family Advent chain, grouped around themes that are applicable across both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. There is an example chain with activities to use, and then a fill-able template so you can put in your own family traditions. The template includes the references for the daily readings from the Book of Common Prayer for Advent already put in, as well as notes on St. Nicholas and St. Lucia days. You simply type in your family traditions, print, cut, and have a simple way to orient your family around Christ this advent season, while stopping holiday overwhelm.

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