The Weird and Wonderful of the Interwebs this week

I have a couple of guest posters coming up who are going to be sharing about hospitality. But in the mean time… there’s just too much stuff I’m reading these days to keep to myself. So welcome to the weird and wonderful of the interwebs: The American Race clicks: Race Bias in Photography: There wasContinue reading “The Weird and Wonderful of the Interwebs this week”

Christians at the border: The First book to help you on your journey

  Sometimes, you need more than a blog post to figure something out. So in the next two posts, here are two books that can really help you on your journey of digging deeper into what it means to welcome the stranger, and how you can do it practically. Both of these books are fromContinue reading “Christians at the border: The First book to help you on your journey”

Hospitality: Giving more than spare change

Meet Greg Jewell, our first guest poster in the hospitality series! My husband and I got to know Greg and Roxanne Jewell while we were in South Africa. Their South-African-American marriage and dramas with visas were things that connected us, along with their love for children. Greg has graciously agreed to share about the work heContinue reading “Hospitality: Giving more than spare change”

Blog posts I should have written, and a hike!

So, there are many blog posts I could have written in the past few weeks. I in fact, wrote them perfectly and completely in my head. They were things like: “Black people don’t camp”…and other race lies we believe that actually have nothing to do with race… based on going camping with the other iThembaContinue reading “Blog posts I should have written, and a hike!”

The Living Wage Project: Questions and complications

If you’re here because you saw a sign up at the Quarry shopping centre, go HERE to find out how much per month you should pay so your domestic worker can take home a living wage. If you’re interested to see some answers to questions and feedback we’ve received, keep reading. Again, to contact the authors, email ann.ebert.oneill(at)gmail.comContinue reading “The Living Wage Project: Questions and complications”

The Living Wage Project #2. Why?

So I kind of gave myself away in the previous post with some of the reasons why as employers we should pay a living wage. But here they are: 1. It lowers the crime rate. Forget all the “be a nice person” reasons. South Africa has one of the highest inequality ratios between the rich and theContinue reading “The Living Wage Project #2. Why?”

The story of the explorer, the missionary and the conquistador

I’m starting a series on white men in history who stood up to racism. I’ve explained why I think this is important at the end. The message I want to spread with these stories is we have options. Sometimes we trap ourselves in this false dichotomy where we acknowledge there were some pretty bad whiteContinue reading “The story of the explorer, the missionary and the conquistador”

A chance to be a kid: An iThemba camp story

“I’m surprised that we’re treated like little children here,” the nine-year old girl told one of the iThemba staff. Uh oh. The kids think our camp is babyish. We spend months getting ready for iThemba Kids camp- planning fun activities, thinking up new games, getting crafts donated. This year I wrote the curriculum for the smallContinue reading “A chance to be a kid: An iThemba camp story”