The Living Wage Project #2. Why?

So I kind of gave myself away in the previous post with some of the reasons why as employers we should pay a living wage. But here they are: 1. It lowers the crime rate. Forget all the “be a nice person”┬áreasons.┬áSouth Africa has one of the highest inequality ratios between the rich and theContinue reading “The Living Wage Project #2. Why?”

The Living Wage Project. #1. What?

When my sister-in-law came out here for three months she set herself the personal project of researching what a living wage for a person in Sweetwaters would be. (She’s an awesome researcher. You know, because she doesn’t have enough to do working on her PhD, she just sets herself personal research projects like this. Impressive).Continue reading “The Living Wage Project. #1. What?”