Brownies of Destruction- how sociology ruins EVERYTHING.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a very black and white thinker? This can be very depressing, because it means I follow things all the way to the end of their logical conclusion (which is usually depressing).  Which explains my current depression about the state of humanity and the entire world lately. Basically, it’sContinue reading “Brownies of Destruction- how sociology ruins EVERYTHING.”

Intellectual Injustice

Last week I was looking for a book for my research. It’s written by a South African author, published in South Africa, and is going to be one of my key texts, so I thought I’d buy it. WRONG. It cost R600 ($60). When I googled the same book in the USA on amazon, itContinue reading “Intellectual Injustice”

#IfIWasWhite: Things I learned

The area that my masters in sociology falls under is “whiteness studies”. Basically, it means studying white people, and the construct of whiteness, and understanding white privilege, and looking at ways to “de-center” the story of whiteness. In most places, “white” is the norm by which everything else is measured (which I kind of understandContinue reading “#IfIWasWhite: Things I learned”

Something that Jesus would do

We recently had a great team from a high school in Denmark come out for a few weeks and help us work on the community center site and build relationships with the kids in that part of Sweetwaters. The team was able to level a soccer field (whohooo!) and the following week, teens from ourContinue reading “Something that Jesus would do”

New Years Resolution #1 Actually Listen

This will probably be my New Years Resolution for every single year of my life! Listening is really hard for people like me who feel like they will explode if they can’t share with the world whatever they are thinking (hey, maybe that’s why I write a blog! It’s the exact opposite of listening!) ButContinue reading “New Years Resolution #1 Actually Listen”

Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers

So, in the midst of this week of mourning the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela, we at iThemba packed up and headed down to the beach for three days for iThemba teens camp. Which I think Madiba would have liked. We spend weeks and weeks preparing for camp. We spend time praying. We cut, andContinue reading “Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers”

APU is here!

The Azusa Pacific students are here! And they’re great! (Which is why I haven’t been writing–I’ve been back at work 5-6 days per week again. And then there’s that whole clean the house thing, too.) I’ve written before why having 6 APU college students join us for their 4 week Community Engagement pratical course isContinue reading “APU is here!”

The State of Western Missions, talking donkeys and a video

I am now an avid fan of the Phil Vischer podcast (creator of Veggie Tales and What’s in the Bible). I’m a fan for many reasons, especially because he mentioned Taylor University by name in his most recent podcast. He also talked about his uncle who left (abandoned??!) his wife and kids for three yearsContinue reading “The State of Western Missions, talking donkeys and a video”