APU is here!

The Azusa Pacific students are here! And they’re great! (Which is why I haven’t been writing–I’ve been back at work 5-6 days per week again. And then there’s that whole clean the house thing, too.) I’ve written before why having 6 APU college students join us for their 4 week Community Engagement pratical course isContinue reading “APU is here!”

Holding up their Arms

These past two weeks, I’ve been working with 6 Azusa Pacific University students in Sweetwaters. This team has really stood out because of their hard work, great preparation, and initiative. They’ve been able to partner at a creche, organize a fun day to say thanks to our Sweetwaters teenagers who volunteer with us in theContinue reading “Holding up their Arms”

Development: Getting to the Root Causes

I joined the APU lectures on Community Development this week. Even though it was the second time hearing them, they were still very inspiring. We were given permission to take some videos to use in preparing teams to come out and serve with iThemba. Here is the famous “Drowning Babies” story that I wrote aboutContinue reading “Development: Getting to the Root Causes”

Real Life Hero: Gretta

  “Eh, it is so quiet here today without my students, Steph.” Gretta said to me yesterday when I dropped by to say hello. Gretta runs a creche (preschool) in Sweetwaters with over 90 kids. She does an amazing job of keeping them all in line, and helping them learn. The students she was talkingContinue reading “Real Life Hero: Gretta”