A letter to my white son

I started writing this letter to you just after Mother’s day. And suddenly three months have gone by and you’re almost sitting up and rolling over. That’s just how things go, I guess. Somehow, too, in the same space of time we’ve gone from a police shooting to white supremacists marching in public. That’s alsoContinue reading “A letter to my white son”

The Gospel as an antidote to white fragility

When it comes to talking about race, white people often feel defensive, angry, and afraid. White people can completely shut down because conversations about race or privilege are so uncomfortable. A researcher named Robin DeAngelo calls this “white fragility“. In a conversation with Sam Adler-Bell, she describes why white people completely shut down: For white people,Continue reading “The Gospel as an antidote to white fragility”

Conversations on Privilege with Brett “fish” Anderson part 2

Today we’re continuing this conversation on privilege with Brett! Check over here for part 1. How do you feel about the idea of privilege now?  i find it so frustrating seeing people who don’t ‘get’ it. Partly because i feel like i have to some extent ‘got’ it for a while now and been talkingContinue reading “Conversations on Privilege with Brett “fish” Anderson part 2″

Conversations on Privilege with Brett “Fish” Anderson part 1

I’m so thankful to have Brett sharing with us about his journey discussing and examining privilege! We’re doing it kind of interview style, and in two parts. We’d love to have you comment and ask questions/share what you think below. We seriously would love to have you join this conversation.

On Labels & Learning

I’m thrilled to welcome Brettfish to the blog space for the next little while to share his story of wrestling with the concept of privilege as a white South African guy. Brett is someone who is helping the white community in SA start to have conversations about race and privilege, and does a great job sharingContinue reading “On Labels & Learning”

The problem we all live with

I wasn’t going to post this week, because we’re in the process of moving in to our new apartment in Texas! Yay! Expect to hear lots more “y’all” and twanging in these posts in the future. But, I just had to share this, briefly.  This one is for the Americans. I just listened to thisContinue reading “The problem we all live with”

Listening. Really, really listening.

I had an English teacher in high school who made us do listening exercises and not just speeches in English class. “We’re training kids to talk,” he would say, “and there’s too many people talking in the world, and very few people who are trained how to listen.” I’ve heard that in the Isreali-Palestine negotiations,Continue reading “Listening. Really, really listening.”

Pea Soup and Brene Brown

I always picture “shame” like the pea-soup green fog that descends on the town of Chewandswallow in the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  It kind of rises up inside of you and hovers around you like an icky blanket and of COURSE every rational human being would want to avoid it. You’d beContinue reading “Pea Soup and Brene Brown”

Exploring white privilege: Guest Posting at Irresistibly Fish

I’m a target of crime. I have to leave the country in order to find work. I do not have leaders in government who are my race. When I’m stopped by a cop, they most likely do not look like me. I’m not privileged, I’m a victim.”

These are some of the sentiments that I’ve heard (explicitly or implicitly) and read as I’ve talked with people about the topic of my master’s research, which includes issues of white privilege.

Subverting the empire with prayer and other whispers of hope

These past few months, I’ve been spending less time in Sweetwaters/Mpumuza and more time in the comfy suburb of Hilton… and it’s been making me quite bitter. For some reason, it’s easier for me to hang on to hope in Sweetwaters. There’s poverty, there’s suffering, there are things that make me want to cry, butContinue reading “Subverting the empire with prayer and other whispers of hope”