An Uprooting

But we can’t receive that grace if we don’t think we need it. For reconciliation and restoration to occur, we have to acknowledge there’s a problem… The question is not, “What is Jesus telling black people in this moment?” The question is, “What is Jesus telling me in this moment? Me, a white person?”

Nation Building: Our country, not “this country”

I’ve been out of the loop on the #Zumamustfall campaigns that spread across South Africa at the end of last year calling for the removal of our corrupt president (protestors are pointing to things like Nkandla, the mansion Zuma built with tax payer money- protest chant is simply “Pay back the money!”) I’ve been out ofContinue reading “Nation Building: Our country, not “this country””

On Labels & Learning

I’m thrilled to welcome Brettfish to the blog space for the next little while to share his story of wrestling with the concept of privilege as a white South African guy. Brett is someone who is helping the white community in SA start to have conversations about race and privilege, and does a great job sharingContinue reading “On Labels & Learning”

Justice isn’t blind (part 1)

I’ve been doing lots of reading (too much reading) for my thesis, and I need a place that’s not academic-jargon-world to thrash some of it out. That space will be here. Sorry, friends, if talking about race is not your thing. You can tune out for the next few posts. I’ll let you know whenContinue reading “Justice isn’t blind (part 1)”