Flight Behavior: On identity, climate change, and the evangelical tribe

Identity was the word of the year in 2015. Which I like, because I’m obsessed with thinking about how identity works in shaping our world. There’s people who think stuff happens in the social world primarily because people are rational and weighing the pros and cons and acting in their own self-interest. Then there’s peopleContinue reading “Flight Behavior: On identity, climate change, and the evangelical tribe”

On Labels & Learning

I’m thrilled to welcome Brettfish to the blog space for the next little while to share his story of wrestling with the concept of privilege as a white South African guy. Brett is someone who is helping the white community in SA start to have conversations about race and privilege, and does a great job sharingContinue reading “On Labels & Learning”

Identity & Reconciliation: A quick reflection on “The End of Memory”

Volf ends his book talking about how it should have a warning label because it is hazardous to two cherished notions: 1. We should remember wrongs solely out of concern for victims and 2. We should forever remember wrongs suffered. It seems crazy to argue that we should remember in a way that is fair, andContinue reading “Identity & Reconciliation: A quick reflection on “The End of Memory””

Justice Isn’t Blind (part 2)

In Justice Isn’t Blind (Part 1) I argue that I don’t like an emphasis on non-racialism, because I don’t think it promotes equality. The reason I gave is because our past history of injustice based on race means that certain racial groups today are still economically advantaged and disadvantaged. A blind application of formal equalityContinue reading “Justice Isn’t Blind (part 2)”