Why sometimes an African doctor is better than an American one

In 2005, Dr Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian doctor living in the US, published a paper about a degenerative brain disease. This disease was causing serious personality changes, violent behavior, memory loss, and even suicide. People— famous people— were exhibiting these horrendous symptoms for years, but no doctors had published papers or studied it enough toContinue reading “Why sometimes an African doctor is better than an American one”

On Imagination

Imagination is one of my core values in life. It comes from being a book nerd, and dreaming about being different characters, or pretending I had super-powers, or my years of conversing with invisible friends (and a menagerie of invisible pets). And while giving your best friend an imaginary kitten for her birthday is not a great ideaContinue reading “On Imagination”

Justice Isn’t Blind (part 2)

In Justice Isn’t Blind (Part 1) I argue that I don’t like an emphasis on non-racialism, because I don’t think it promotes equality. The reason I gave is because our past history of injustice based on race means that certain racial groups today are still economically advantaged and disadvantaged. A blind application of formal equalityContinue reading “Justice Isn’t Blind (part 2)”

The Path From Indifference Starts with a Step

“I go about my own business…I reason: the road from Jerusalem to Jericho will always be littered by people beaten and left half dead; I can pass–I must pass–by each without much concern. The indifference that made the prophecy, takes care also of its fulfillment.” –Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace, p77. This week I’ve beenContinue reading “The Path From Indifference Starts with a Step”