I’m going to swim a mile.

This means that even in the “family fun” section (the race that we’re swimming in) you get these hard-core competitive families who’ve travelled all the way down from Joburg (which is 6 hours away) and have arms like Michael Phelps and matching swimsuits. MATCHING. This is not a joke. This is a competition.

Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers

So, in the midst of this week of mourning the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela, we at iThemba packed up and headed down to the beach for three days for iThemba teens camp. Which I think Madiba would have liked. We spend weeks and weeks preparing for camp. We spend time praying. We cut, andContinue reading “Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers”

How you can personally impact a teen from Sweetwaters

  Yes, folks, it’s heading into that time of year again… CAMP TIME! Every year, iThemba takes 50 kids in June, and 50 teens in December to the beach for a 3-day camp. Here are a whole bunch of reasons why teens camp this December is so cool: All of these teens are awesome. IContinue reading “How you can personally impact a teen from Sweetwaters”