How you can personally impact a teen from Sweetwaters

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Yes, folks, it’s heading into that time of year again… CAMP TIME! Every year, iThemba takes 50 kids in June, and 50 teens in December to the beach for a 3-day camp. Here are a whole bunch of reasons why teens camp this December is so cool:

  • All of these teens are awesome. I mean, a lot of them are doing really awesome things with their lives, like working super hard in school so they can go to college, like chosing to make the right choice (even though its hard) when it comes to drugs, alcohol and premarital sex, like still taking their ARVs every single day, like picking up an extra job to help bring in some cash for their families, like looking after younger siblings, like volunteering on a Saturday to help with our Saturday kids clubs…and even if they’re not doing any of those things…they are still awesome.
  • Related to the point above, some of them have really stressful lives (way more stress than I ever had!) and a three day break where they can just be a teen, can goof off, can have someone else pour into them rather than always being the one to give out… that’s pretty cool.
  • Some of these kids/teens have never been to the beach before…and that makes sense if you live in Kansas, or Minnesota, but not if you live in Sweetwaters, where the beach is just an hour away.
  • Some of these teens have never begun a relationship with Jesus, and a 3-day camp might be the place that relationship begins.
  • Some of these teens know and love Jesus, but they’re slipping into complacency, or they’re worn out, or they feel like Jesus isn’t paying attention to them…a 3-day camp might be the revival that they need right now.
  • We have the BEST small group leaders EVER coming on this camp. We usually have great small group leaders, but our leaders this year are AMAZING. And I know for a fact that they will be constantly loving on these teens, constantly listening to them, constantly encouraging them, constantly showing Jesus to them… they’ll eat with them, sleep in the same dorms as them, do every single activity with them… they are going to be great.
  • It’s not one of those camps where you have a great time then *poof!* you go home and it’s all over. A lot of our small group leaders are iThemba staff. So this is one of those camps where your camp leader actually is working in your community and you can continually reconnect with them throughout the year. Real follow-up can happen!
  • We are going to have SO MUCH FUN. I admit, I am biased, since I worked with Thulani, Wendy and Bex on the programme, but I know, this is going to be a super FUN camp.

And I know you’re thinking right now… HOW CAN I SPONSOR EVERY TEEN?? Well, that’d be a little crazy. But go ahead if you want. 🙂 The teens pay a small amount towards the cost of camp, so sponsors from all over the world gather together to pay the full cost for the teens. This cost covers transport, all the activites and crafts, a Bible, a toiletry pack, meals… EVERYTHING. 

PLUS… you’ll get a photo of the teen you sponsor so you can remember to pray for them, and they’ll get a chance to write you a letter from camp.

Here’s how you can sponsor a teen. The cost is $90, or R700 or 60 pounds.

IN THE USA: Go to and donate. Or click here. Make sure you put in a reference that it is for TEENS CAMP (you might have to put it under “General Donation” and send that info in a seperate email if they don’t give you that option). Or write a check made out to Restoration Hope, and enclose a note with your name, email/post address, and stating it’s for teens camp. If you’re really worried they won’t remember it’s for camp, you can always email me, and I’ll really, really make sure. 🙂

In the UK, use this link

IN RSA: You can do an EFT straight into our account:

iThemba Trust Sweetwaters, First National Bank, Bank Street Branch code 22 08 25, Cheque account number 62154 083 407, SWIFT code (international deposits) – FIRNZAJJ, Reference – Teens Camp and YOUR SURNAME

Just shoot me an email if you have any questions. Guys, I think this is one of the best ways you can use your money. For reals.

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