The Smoke that Thunders (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)

But it isn't the sea. We're in the middle of an open plain, flat as far as the eye can see. There is no ocean. The sound is the sound of the Zambezi river throwing itself over a cliff again and again and again and plummeting to the bottom almost three thousand meters below.

Healed beggars and other delightfully compelling acts of God that people can’t ignore.

I’m still thinking about that shriveled, old, beggar. That moment when Peter stretched out his hand, helped the man to his feet, and the thin, crooked legs became strong and the twisted angles straightened, and even though the man was still as thin as a rail, he gasped with astonishment and slowly, shakily at firstContinue reading “Healed beggars and other delightfully compelling acts of God that people can’t ignore.”

Because sometimes it’s a poem day

Grace is this fragile matchstick boat carelessly tossed, flying high in the stormy waves of judgement and chaos battering, beating down– this sliver of stillness this little shriveled wooden seed pregnant with new life ready to slowly crack open and unfurl in the thick, rich, good earth when the rain has passed.

“I was 19 years old when Hector P died”- a poem (Youth Day Reflections Part 2)

For part 1 of Youth Day Refections go here. If I could have breakfast with any two people in South Africa, it would be Desmond Tutu and Jonathan Jansen (throw in some Miroslav Volf and I literally would be in heaven, scribbling down every word that any of them uttered, except Volf is not SouthContinue reading ““I was 19 years old when Hector P died”- a poem (Youth Day Reflections Part 2)”

Where were you on June 16th? (Youth Day reflections part 1)

I realized something today. 50% of South Africa’s population is under the age of 19. 70% is under the age of 35. Anyway you slice this, the majority of people in South Africa have not lived through apartheid. And most of the people who did live through apartheid are my parent’s age or older. TheyContinue reading “Where were you on June 16th? (Youth Day reflections part 1)”

Subverting the empire with prayer and other whispers of hope

These past few months, I’ve been spending less time in Sweetwaters/Mpumuza and more time in the comfy suburb of Hilton… and it’s been making me quite bitter. For some reason, it’s easier for me to hang on to hope in Sweetwaters. There’s poverty, there’s suffering, there are things that make me want to cry, butContinue reading “Subverting the empire with prayer and other whispers of hope”

Justice Isn’t Blind (part 2)

In Justice Isn’t Blind (Part 1) I argue that I don’t like an emphasis on non-racialism, because I don’t think it promotes equality. The reason I gave is because our past history of injustice based on race means that certain racial groups today are still economically advantaged and disadvantaged. A blind application of formal equalityContinue reading “Justice Isn’t Blind (part 2)”

Snapshot: Voting Day in South Africa

I voted twice in the states. Once by mail, when I was in college, and once in person when I was in Texas, for something more local. We hopped in the car, drove to a local school, and crossed some names (or filled in squares?! I don’t remember). It took 5 minutes and was over.Continue reading “Snapshot: Voting Day in South Africa”

The Kingdom of God is Like…

So, I read about this activity on Kathy Escobar’s blog, in her post “The Kingdom of God is Like…” You should go check it out.  Jesus often talks about what the Kingdom of God is like. He’s trying to explain things using everyday, ordinary examples (yeast working through dough, finding a coin, gardening, buried treasure). AndContinue reading “The Kingdom of God is Like…”