“I just called for help and you came and killed him”

  “I just called for help, and you came and killed him,” she said. “I told you guys he’s sick. You guys came and killed my brother.” – sister of Alfred Olango, a mentally ill, unarmed black man who was killed in California. She called the police herself, because her brother was acting erratically andContinue reading ““I just called for help and you came and killed him””

On Corporate Confession: A Prayer for Black History Month

Over Christmas break, I was drinking coffee with two of my favorite people in the world (who actually had never met each other). We only had an hour, so there was zero small talk and we went straight¬†to the good stuff like the role of women in the church and diversity and reconciliation and theseContinue reading “On Corporate Confession: A Prayer for Black History Month”

Prophets and Protestors: No Justice, No Peace

I’ve been thinking about prophets and protestors lately. Ever since reading Radical Reconciliation, I’ve been thinking about the role that followers of Jesus play in advocating for social justice.¬†It’s Christmas. People are saying things about peace on earth and goodwill, and too often we equate peace with, “No one at the Christmas dinner table sayingContinue reading “Prophets and Protestors: No Justice, No Peace”

Advent songs for Ferguson

I’ve been reading “Radical Reconciliation“, and one of the things the authors talk about is that mega-churches are now some of the most diverse churches in America. (“Diverse” means that there’s at least 25% people who aren’t white who attend…the percentage might actually be smaller than that, I don’t remember. And it doesn’t refer toContinue reading “Advent songs for Ferguson”

The Weird and Wonderful of the Interwebs this week

I have a couple of guest posters coming up who are going to be sharing about hospitality. But in the mean time… there’s just too much stuff I’m reading these days to keep to myself. So welcome to the weird and wonderful of the interwebs: The American Race clicks: Race Bias in Photography: There wasContinue reading “The Weird and Wonderful of the Interwebs this week”