Canoes & the upside-down ways of a coming king

  I’ve been thinking about those tiny canoes, dancing in front of giant USS nitro.   It happened at Christmas, in 1971. The USA was bombing women, children, and hospitals in Vietnam. The Quakers wanted to do something about it. But what could one small group of Friends do in the face of an entireContinue reading “Canoes & the upside-down ways of a coming king”

Prophets and Protestors: No Justice, No Peace

I’ve been thinking about prophets and protestors lately. Ever since reading Radical Reconciliation, I’ve been thinking about the role that followers of Jesus play in advocating for social justice. It’s Christmas. People are saying things about peace on earth and goodwill, and too often we equate peace with, “No one at the Christmas dinner table sayingContinue reading “Prophets and Protestors: No Justice, No Peace”

And then I wrote a Kindle book.

In just about three weeks, the season of Advent will be upon us. It’s one of my favorite seasons. When I was younger I loved it because I loved Christmas, and any build-up to Christmas was just part of the magic. More recently I’ve loved it because it’s an opportunity to intentionally reflect on someContinue reading “And then I wrote a Kindle book.”

The Passing of the Peace

 I confess I was disappointed as we entered the spired stone church in down-town Capetown, when I saw the priest setting out communion was not Archbishop Tutu. This was the only time we had to chance a meeting with the Archbishop. I’d heard that at Friday morning communion, free chuckles, autographs and breakfast afterwards wereContinue reading “The Passing of the Peace”

Peace Walls (Advent week 3)

We sing peace on earth goodwill toward men at Christmas. We celebrate Jesus the Prince of Peace. But what do we mean when we say peace? Shalom in the Bible is wholeness, perfect order, everything in right relationship with everything else. Like a huge garment, with every thread woven in place and connected to everyContinue reading “Peace Walls (Advent week 3)”