Tiny house Christmas

How to celebrate Christmas in a tiny house, with a toddler:  Keep the decor minimal: We put up twinkle lights, and had some Advent candles for him to blow out during Advent. We only hung up the stockings on Christmas eve. 2. Get an outdoor tree or a small tree: Our tree DID have moreContinue reading “Tiny house Christmas”

Canoes & the upside-down ways of a coming king

  I’ve been thinking about those tiny canoes, dancing in front of giant USS nitro.   It happened at Christmas, in 1971. The USA was bombing women, children, and hospitals in Vietnam. The Quakers wanted to do something about it. But what could one small group of Friends do in the face of an entireContinue reading “Canoes & the upside-down ways of a coming king”

Advent: What to do with the waiting

Advent is almost upon us. That time of the year when we Christians mourn the dark and wait for the light, thankful for the Jesus who came, and longing for him to come again and set everything that is broken to rights. I think there will be lots of longing this year. But I hope weContinue reading “Advent: What to do with the waiting”

And then I wrote a Kindle book.

In just about three weeks, the season of Advent will be upon us. It’s one of my favorite seasons. When I was younger I loved it because I loved Christmas, and any build-up to Christmas was just part of the magic. More recently I’ve loved it because it’s an opportunity to intentionally reflect on someContinue reading “And then I wrote a Kindle book.”

Fear not

I was given some magazines this week put out by a prominent evangelical organization. The covers of each of them (accompanied by full cover photos of explosions, fire, and swords read): “Is Islam really a religion of peace?” (Photo of a bloody sword) “Crisis After Crisis, who can save us?- Pestilence as Ebola Spreads, OppressionContinue reading “Fear not”

World Aids Day, (Monday, first week in Advent)

Ok folks, I won’t post all the Advent reflections on here. But it’s World AIDS day. I had to say something. 🙂 Then I promise I won’t spam you with any more unless you ask. 🙂  The boots of all those invading troops,     along with their shirts soaked with innocent blood, Will be piled inContinue reading “World Aids Day, (Monday, first week in Advent)”

In the Valley where Death casts his shadow, a light has dawned (Advent week 1)

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwll in the land of the shadow of death, a light has shined” Isaiah 9:2 I picture it like this, come on, picture it with me: There’s Death, right, and he lives at the top of a cold black mountain made ofContinue reading “In the Valley where Death casts his shadow, a light has dawned (Advent week 1)”