Blessed are the efficient?

Blessed are the efficient, for theirs is the Kingdom. If you can’t tell, I’ve been wondering about this idea lately. First, Jesus never said that. I think maybe he said several things to the opposite- things like the Kingdom is as small as a mustard seed, we cannot take the Kingdom by force… also heContinue reading “Blessed are the efficient?”

And then I wrote a Kindle book.

In just about three weeks, the season of Advent will be upon us. It’s one of my favorite seasons. When I was younger I loved it because I loved Christmas, and any build-up to Christmas was just part of the magic. More recently I’ve loved it because it’s an opportunity to intentionally reflect on someContinue reading “And then I wrote a Kindle book.”

Muck is still muck no matter who sits in it with you (Advent wk2)

So, this week I’m going to be reflecting on the incarnation–the-God-coming-to-earth,  God-with-us part of Christmas. But before I get poetic about baby Jesus’ cute fingers, and how amazing it is that God himself would condescend to dwell with us, I’m going to say what it’s not. The incarnation is not just about God experiencing burpsContinue reading “Muck is still muck no matter who sits in it with you (Advent wk2)”