And then I wrote a Kindle book.


In just about three weeks, the season of Advent will be upon us. It’s one of my favorite seasons. When I was younger I loved it because I loved Christmas, and any build-up to Christmas was just part of the magic. More recently I’ve loved it because it’s an opportunity to intentionally reflect on some of the big things I believe about God, and what Jesus coming to earth really means for all of us messed up people.

Last Advent several of you readers signed up to get “Advent thoughts” inboxed to you through the season of Advent. I wrote as a spiritual discipline–a way to intentionally fix my thoughts on the ideas of light in darkness, hope, wholeness, and the incarnation. And so (drumroll, please) I’ve spent the last month putting these together into a kindle book form. YAY! There are 5 “thoughts” for each week leading up to Christmas, and some questions to help you intentionally reflect.

I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and if you read the emails last year there’s a couple of new additions… so you should still get it. And if you got the emails last year, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a review on amazon! Thanks, friends!

In the Valley of the Shadow Light Has Dawned: Advent Thoughts in the Wandering.

What people have said (you, yes, you, could add your voice to these reviewers and stand a chance to win a free copy!): 

“This devotional draws me directly into the heart of Christmas. It strips away the external holiday noise we plaster over ourselves in an effort to ignore our inner noise. It assures us that God is not afraid of our questions, and that His answer to our mess was sending His Son into it – ultimately bringing us restoration. It looks the mess square in the face while boldly asserting that hope is real, and you can have it. This is not a Christian happy-pill. This is a friend for the journey of real life.” — Jenn

“Stephanie Ebert was right to include a warning label with her advent devotional book. Anyone who has struggled to reconcile the darkness in the world with the goodness and greatness of God will find a companion and soulmate in Stephanie. This is a beautifully written Advent reflection that is not afraid to challenge the “groaning of the gears of the whole world all rubbing together the wrong way” with a mustard seed of faith. She points us to Jesus, who “didn’t come just to sit in the muck with us. He came to change the whole system from the inside out, to make us new creations, to start the restoration of all things.” Questions at the end of each section encourage us to reflect in new and deeper ways on the significance of the advent of Immanuel, God with us, and our responsibility in the “already” part of his “not yet” Kingdom.”–Susan

Alright, so here’s the deal. Leave a comment below, and I’ll randomly select one person to receive a copy of this book for free– on the premise that you’ll read it in the next 2 weeks, and if you like it, leave a review on Amazon and share about it on your social media (tell people about it on Fbook or twitter, or your blog). GIVEAWAY ENDS Sunday the 15th!

8 thoughts on “And then I wrote a Kindle book.

  1. I have been hoping for a way to celebrate and set apart the time of advent for myself, and to hopefully be able to instill the importance and awe of this time in my family. Being in the southern hemisphere during the advent season seems to make things feel less like “christmas” so we have to be more intentional with celebrating Christ’s birth.


  2. I really appreciated advent last year. Also being in the Southern Hemisphere, it was a chance to consider the meaning without all the christmas tack. Or at least I got to choose which cheesiness to enjoy! I love the cover of your book, so pretty!


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