A Psalm of Petition (a poem)

What I’m asking, the thing I seek, Is that you’d pitch a tent in my wilderness, please. Not the solid, brooding stone of Elijah’s cave. Not the haunting bird calls and thundering waterfalls Of David’s wild places. A space, a pause, Just a tent. And not the wilderness of solitude and temptation, But the oneContinue reading “A Psalm of Petition (a poem)”

Blog posts I should have written, and a hike!

So, there are many blog posts I could have written in the past few weeks. I in fact, wrote them perfectly and completely in my head. They were things like: “Black people don’t camp”…and other race lies we believe that actually have nothing to do with race… based on going camping with the other iThembaContinue reading “Blog posts I should have written, and a hike!”

Asidlale–Siyazama Creche

Here’s a video I made to be sent out as a thank you to the people who help support Asidlale, our Early Childhood Education programme. I thought since I talk so much about these creches and kids, you might like to watch a 1min 30s clip of them. 🙂 Also, for those of you whoContinue reading “Asidlale–Siyazama Creche”

Farther Together

When we have a team visiting us, it means I get to go be involved with every aspect of iThemba’s work for a few days. This week, that meant I visited running club for the first time since I got over my mono (glandular fever). I have posted about running club in the past, butContinue reading “Farther Together”