Hospitality: Giving more than spare change

Meet Greg Jewell, our first guest poster in the hospitality series! My husband and I got to know Greg and Roxanne Jewell while we were in South Africa. Their South-African-American marriage and dramas with visas were things that connected us, along with their love for children. Greg has graciously agreed to share about the work heContinue reading “Hospitality: Giving more than spare change”

Let’s Play! The Importance of Early Childhood Education

David and I are reading “The Social Animal” by David Brooks at the moment. The first few chapters of the story (that is filled with social science research) confirms again and again the importance of early childhood stimulation for brain development. Asidlale (“Let’s Play” in isiZulu) is a programme iThemba started in order to equip earlyContinue reading “Let’s Play! The Importance of Early Childhood Education”

Rejoice! Grow! It’s Spring!

It’s Spring! Even though today doesn’t feel like it (it’s really cold!) there are flowers beginning to bloom everywhere. I love getting to wake up and go running and smell the Jasmine flowers that grow all along our road.Let me tell you about some other things that are growing this spring… JABULANI KIDS CLUB isContinue reading “Rejoice! Grow! It’s Spring!”