Glitter in my veins & Jesus in my heart: thoughts on texas

So, people have been asking for stories about Texas. And oh, how I want to comply. I have stories. I have stories about going to a rodeo, and the culture shock of all the American flag-waving, horse-riding, gun-toting, public-place praying, Mexican-immigrant joking that went on. I’ve been told that the announcer with his off-color jokesContinue reading “Glitter in my veins & Jesus in my heart: thoughts on texas”

And then I wrote a Kindle book.

In just about three weeks, the season of Advent will be upon us. It’s one of my favorite seasons. When I was younger I loved it because I loved Christmas, and any build-up to Christmas was just part of the magic. More recently I’ve loved it because it’s an opportunity to intentionally reflect on someContinue reading “And then I wrote a Kindle book.”

What’s saving my life right now

So, if you know me in real life, and not just in blogging life, then you know that the past six months have been some time of super-crazy transition. We went from living in South Africa, to hiking a month in Spain, to traveling around the US and seeing every friend and family member, to…Continue reading “What’s saving my life right now”

On Suffering, sovereignty, AIDS orphans, anxiety, giving thanks and all that

I still remember reading Ann Voskamp’s book Ten Thousand Gifts for the first time in college. I fell into her poetic style and devoured it. Her practice of finding God and finding gratitude in every day as a way to battle back her anxiety came at a time when I was making war with myContinue reading “On Suffering, sovereignty, AIDS orphans, anxiety, giving thanks and all that”

On the price of Pet Canaries

Sometimes, things are just too much. There’s enough suffering as it is, and now there’s babies washed up on beaches, too. There’s friends who are hurting, there’s children who are being abused, there’s police violence, there’s people suffering from HIV, there’s so much heaviness. How do you cope? You, college student wondering about debt, you,Continue reading “On the price of Pet Canaries”

When your neighbor is a stranger: Hospitality Series

I felt so homeless as we trudged through yet another small town in northern Spain on El Camino. Since we had left South Africa at the end of March, we had been walking across Spain, and once we landed it would be another several months of hopping between family and friends before we settled in TexasContinue reading “When your neighbor is a stranger: Hospitality Series”

The Passing of the Peace

 I confess I was disappointed as we entered the spired stone church in down-town Capetown, when I saw the priest setting out communion was not Archbishop Tutu. This was the only time we had to chance a meeting with the Archbishop. I’d heard that at Friday morning communion, free chuckles, autographs and breakfast afterwards wereContinue reading “The Passing of the Peace”

Afrikaner Revolutionary: the lawyer who fought to end apartheid

Part two in the white men in history who stood up to racism series. For why I think these stories are important, see part one. This one is a story from South Africa. I fell in love with this story after reading the book Afrikaner Revolutionary. Abraham Fischer was the prime minister of the Orange Free State.Continue reading “Afrikaner Revolutionary: the lawyer who fought to end apartheid”