A chance to be a kid: An iThemba camp story

“I’m surprised that we’re treated like little children here,” the nine-year old girl told one of the iThemba staff. Uh oh. The kids think our camp is babyish. We spend months getting ready for iThemba Kids camp- planning fun activities, thinking up new games, getting crafts donated. This year I wrote the curriculum for the smallContinue reading “A chance to be a kid: An iThemba camp story”

The Smoke that Thunders (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)

But it isn't the sea. We're in the middle of an open plain, flat as far as the eye can see. There is no ocean. The sound is the sound of the Zambezi river throwing itself over a cliff again and again and again and plummeting to the bottom almost three thousand meters below.

Because sometimes it’s a poem day

Grace is this fragile matchstick boat carelessly tossed, flying high in the stormy waves of judgement and chaos battering, beating down– this sliver of stillness this little shriveled wooden seed pregnant with new life ready to slowly crack open and unfurl in the thick, rich, good earth when the rain has passed.

Bringing Gogo to Jesus

“Thulani, we need to take Gogo to Jesus!” the 5 year old triumphantly announced during story time at the NEW Jabulani Kids Club last Saturday. Jabulani Kids Club is a Saturday club where kids gather to play games, sing songs, have LOADS of fun, and learn about Jesus. It also gives them a safe, funContinue reading “Bringing Gogo to Jesus”

Snapshot: Voting Day in South Africa

I voted twice in the states. Once by mail, when I was in college, and once in person when I was in Texas, for something more local. We hopped in the car, drove to a local school, and crossed some names (or filled in squares?! I don’t remember). It took 5 minutes and was over.Continue reading “Snapshot: Voting Day in South Africa”

Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers

So, in the midst of this week of mourning the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela, we at iThemba packed up and headed down to the beach for three days for iThemba teens camp. Which I think Madiba would have liked. We spend weeks and weeks preparing for camp. We spend time praying. We cut, andContinue reading “Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers”