Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers

So, in the midst of this week of mourning the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela, we at iThemba packed up and headed down to the beach for three days for iThemba teens camp. Which I think Madiba would have liked. We spend weeks and weeks preparing for camp. We spend time praying. We cut, andContinue reading “Tie-dye, beach camps and mangers”

How you can personally impact a teen from Sweetwaters

  Yes, folks, it’s heading into that time of year again… CAMP TIME! Every year, iThemba takes 50 kids in June, and 50 teens in December to the beach for a 3-day camp. Here are a whole bunch of reasons why teens camp this December is so cool: All of these teens are awesome. IContinue reading “How you can personally impact a teen from Sweetwaters”

Linking Communities

One of the things that gets me excited is seeing the community of Hilton intersted in partnering with their neighbours in Sweetwaters to reach this community. This time last year we ran a holiday club –a little like a vacation Bible school, for you Americans 🙂 — and we had three volunteers from Pietermaritzburg whoContinue reading “Linking Communities”

Asidlale–Siyazama Creche

Here’s a video I made to be sent out as a thank you to the people who help support Asidlale, our Early Childhood Education programme. I thought since I talk so much about these creches and kids, you might like to watch a 1min 30s clip of them. 🙂 Also, for those of you whoContinue reading “Asidlale–Siyazama Creche”

One Year

I can’t believe that David and I have been here for one year already! It’s been a wonderful, exciting year–sometimes difficult, but always good. Here are some moments I have loved about being in South Africa and working with iThemba: The moment when kids stopped excitedly waving and shouting “Mlungu, mlungu” (white person) when IContinue reading “One Year”

Blast Off!!

Last week was kids camp, and we had the pleasure of taking 50 kids to the beach for camp! This year the theme was outer space. We have been planning this camp for the past 3 months, praying, putting together the programme, preparing crafts and games, finding donations… so it was so exciting to finallyContinue reading “Blast Off!!”

100 Paper hearts, answering emails, and other ordinary amazing things

So, I thought I should tell you what I do with my life, when all the awesome people I work with are in Sweetwaters teaching Life Skills and being, well, awesome. (Read about the Life Skills program over at the iThemba blog). Networking and Program support means I write a lot, I plan a lot,Continue reading “100 Paper hearts, answering emails, and other ordinary amazing things”

I’m proud of You

Sometimes encouragement comes from the most unlikely of places. I probably would have shooed him away. He was drunk. Not drunk enough to be aggresive, just drunk enough to be honest. He decided to join in on Sizwe’s Life Group last Friday. He had seen my car (and the car of the Restoration Hope team),Continue reading “I’m proud of You”

Farther Together

When we have a team visiting us, it means I get to go be involved with every aspect of iThemba’s work for a few days. This week, that meant I visited running club for the first time since I got over my mono (glandular fever). I have posted about running club in the past, butContinue reading “Farther Together”

Art Shows and Running Clubs

In Sweetwaters there are no organized after-school activities for children or teens. The schools do not have sports teams that compete against each other, and there are no after-school cultural activities. Here’s two cool after-school clubs that iThemba has been involved with lately. These after-school clubs not only keep kids off the street and doingContinue reading “Art Shows and Running Clubs”