Saving Drowning Babies

“One day a missions worker in Africa went down to the river to bathe. While she was there in the water, she heard a cry and discovered a baby, floating in the water, just barely alive. She quickly grabbed the baby, and brought it to the edge of the river bank and gave it CPR.Continue reading “Saving Drowning Babies”

The Path From Indifference Starts with a Step

“I go about my own business…I reason: the road from Jerusalem to Jericho will always be littered by people beaten and left half dead; I can pass–I must pass–by each without much concern. The indifference that made the prophecy, takes care also of its fulfillment.” –Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace, p77. This week I’ve beenContinue reading “The Path From Indifference Starts with a Step”

Walking Down a Long Road

This past week was Spring Break for the kids and teens in Sweetwaters/Mpumuza. During the holidays, many kids are unsupervised, this means there is more time for them to get into trouble, but also leaves them vulnerable to abuse. iThemba runs a Holiday club during the Spring and Fall breaks to give the children andContinue reading “Walking Down a Long Road”

Skedlemba Adventures

Skedlemba: Zulu slang,(adj): junker, second-hand, broken, falling-apart, like basically when something has been duct-taped that really shouldn’t be duct-taped, but somehow it still works. The iThemba staff have christened my car skedlemba. J, our short-termer from Cambridge, arrived just 3 days after me, and skedlemba arrived the day before her–all three of us started atContinue reading “Skedlemba Adventures”

Jesus Parade

“Shoooosholoza!” Sizwe called out, and the band of children that were trailing behind us like the Pied Piper echoed “Shoooosholoza!” and blew their vuvuzelas. Balloons bobbed in the bright spring sunshine, hands clapped, feet stomped through the muddy dirt paths, and all along the way we called out, “Wozani! Come!” to the children who stoppedContinue reading “Jesus Parade”

Planting for the Future

“We need oxygen to stay alive,” said the teacher. “And trees give us…” “Oxygen!” the children shouted back. “If you cut down a tree, you are cutting down your life,” the teacher continued. Welcome to an iThemba Life Skills class during Arbor Week celebrations! iThemba partners with various schools in the area to teach LifeContinue reading “Planting for the Future”

Rejoice! Grow! It’s Spring!

It’s Spring! Even though today doesn’t feel like it (it’s really cold!) there are flowers beginning to bloom everywhere. I love getting to wake up and go running and smell the Jasmine flowers that grow all along our road.Let me tell you about some other things that are growing this spring… JABULANI KIDS CLUB isContinue reading “Rejoice! Grow! It’s Spring!”

Pancakes, cars, and Xhosa Weddings

David and I are so happy to be settling into our flat. I have Monday’s off, and right now David does too. It is fun to have a “lazy day” every once in a while and do something fun…like make pancakes with chocolate bits inside. We are still figuring out how to do the dishesContinue reading “Pancakes, cars, and Xhosa Weddings”