Lockdown Activities


Things to remember when our kids ask us about the pandemic. So far, in this 40+ day lockdown, we have:

Handmade pasta

Let the toddler watch a “How stuff works” about corn, only to realise most of the video is about making whiskey.

Handmade most forms of bread: dinner rolls, tortillas, sandwich bread, cinnamon raisin bread, croissants, cinnamon rolls, naan. 

Played daily games of cornhole with our lockdown neighbours (who are on our same property).

Gone camping in the back yard.

Watched the baby learn how to crawl.

Read Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site more times than I care to remember.

Rejoiced at a slight lifting of regulations this week which allowed us to go for a walk between 6am and 9am (something must be done about the vast amount of bread consumption).

Felt grumpy. Felt thankful. Felt guilty about how good we have it. Felt grumpy.

Watched the baby get four more teeth.

Celebrated my 30th birthday with a surprise Zoom party.

Gone to our local farmer’s market group which is now a drive through.

Still not tired of the tiny house.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Activities

  1. I figure there is sooooo much I don’t in fact have in common with you, but I keep two little people most days too. Three actually more often than not. Never saw my life heading this way, but here I am.

    I read, play, watch, clean, feed, clean, play, clean and feed little people ALL THE TIME.

    I have bigger house, but I do those things a LOT.

    I feel ya.

    Happy mothers day. Your work there is some of the most important there is. Good job!


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