Baby proofing our tiny house

Since we knew from the beginning we’d have a toddler when we built the tiny house, we tried to make it as child-friendly as possible. When you have a small space, you can’t just block off part of the house to make it baby-friendly…and spending your whole life saying, “No! Don’t touch that!” is not very fun either. So we tried to design things so we could minimize the amount of “nos” in the house. Here are a few examples:

All our plugs except for two are high up on the wall.


Our baby gate at the top of the stairs keeps him from falling down the stairs if he’s up in the loft
(above picture- for some reason won’t let me caption it– is of our stairs. They have a removable bottom step, which we will keep removed until Bram is big enough to navigate the steps. Until then, it’s too tall for him to climb up, but not too tall for us. 🙂 
The pantry
Our pantry door only has a latch at the top, out of reach, and the items are arranged with toxic stuff up at the top, so if he does get in and start playing, he can’t hurt himself.
For a while i was worried about him playing in the cupboard because we have some glass casserole dishes… but so far he’s stuck mostly to the tupperware part, so the “tie it closed with a ribbon” thing lasted about a week.
Our “tech shelf” means that all our stuff charges high out of reach… when we remember to keep the chords from dangling. 🙂
All our books and china/glass dishes are up high, and our plastic dishes down low in the cupboard, so there is no worry of breaking my grandmother’s china if he gets into the down low cupboards.
Our front loader has a kiddie lock so he can’t start in on his own- but we have to leave the door open for ventilation, so we couldn’t put a child lock on it even if we wanted to. Bram loves putting his toys inside… but since it doesn’t hurt anything, we let him do it. The trashcan stays under the sink, and since it is a foot pedal bin, since there is not much space under the sink, you can’t really open it unless you drag it out from under the sink– which means Bram can’t get into it.
We therefore always do a full check before starting the washing machine! 🙂


The one “No!” in the house is the stove. It is a gas stove and doesn’t have any kid-proofing ability. So that’s the one thing we come down hard about if he touches. So far he does a good job of staying away from it.

For a while (when he threw my boots and some of his toys in the toilet in the space of three days) we thought about locking off the bathroom. But one of his favorite games is throwing his toys in the bathtub (and the bathroom is a third of our house anyway) so it felt unfair to keep him contained to just the living room/kitchen. So we’ve left him with bathroom access, and since he hasn’t thrown anything else into the toilet, so far so good.

Of course, it’s only been three months– but so far, giving him freedom of the house has worked out. And only having one “No!” (and not too many weird latches, locks, and gates on things) has made our lives simpler.

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