The Underbelly of being Radical: Guest Posting over at A Life Overseas!

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.40.00 PMA Life Overseas is a fantastic blog if you’re interested in honest conversations about missions. They talk about everything from emotional health, to finances, to the pressures of ministry, to language learning, to parenting, to Third Culture kids, to figuring out how to cook.  If I do say so myself, missionary kids have a pretty high BS detector when it comes to things shared about missions.

And this MK can tell you, the stuff they share is pretty solid.

I’m super honored to get to share a bit about “sacrifice stories” and accountability in missions today, and I’d love it if you’d click over to their site and leave a comment/join the discussion!

The Underbelly of Being Radical:

My husband and I both have college degrees and 4.0 GPA’s (okay, not exactly, David once got an A-, and I once got a B). We like to think we’re pretty talented and could do anything in the world we wanted to do. But instead of staying in the States and raking in tons of money, we decided to move to South Africa so I could work for a community development organization…for free. And we did this because we think that’s what Jesus calls us to– not the American Dream, but the excitement of laying down our stuff and living for him.

It sounds very noble and sacrificial when we tell our story this way. It’s a story people attribute to us, even when we don’t explicitly tell it that way. This sacrifice story is one I’m hearing this story a lot from missionaries, or people involved in community development work.

Head on over to A Life Overseas to read the rest by clicking here!

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