An Open Door to Understanding- Guest posting over at All People

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I’m really thankful for the opportunity to share over at EFCA’s blog “All People“. The blog has some really great thoughts on multi-cultural ministry in the USA context, and is a useful tool-box, especially if you’re interested in broadening your ideas on how the church can respond in a Christ-like manner to the immigrants in our midst.

My post (which is a slightly less rambling version of my post on learning isiZulu, reworked for an American audience) can be found by going here. Leave a comment and join the discussion!

But since you all have read that one already, I thought I’d point you towards some other great posts All People have up on their blog:

Hanging with the kids– A post that lists 10 practical things you can do as a church leader/ministry/outreach to help create a more diverse group. Hint: You can’t just say, “We want to be diverse”… you have to be proactive. 

Learning a second language– A post that shares 10 practical reasons to learn a second language as an American (has plenty of points that relate in a South African setting as well. :D)

Se Habla English– A post that shares the opportunities we have as believers to show hospitality to the immigrants around us, and practical ways we can do this in America. This post de-bunks the idea that hispanic immigrants don’t want to learn English– and shows how ESL can be a powerful way to minister to people around us.

Hope you enjoy exploring the site!

**PS update: Let it be known that I was actually not “born and raised’ in KZN, since I was born in the Eastern Cape. Who wants to be my copy editor??

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