This is from my sister’s blog. I thought I would share it, since the Nelson Mandela memorial is one of the coolest memorials I’ve ever been to (maybe even beats the Vietnam War memorial, if not close second) and also with Nelson Mandela so close to death this is something everyone has been thinking about. And of course I love my sister.

Kindred Spirits

Jim and I have the fantastical privilege of spending time with my family these next few weeks. After a lovely family weekend at the beach [in which we forgot the camera], we spent two days with David and Steph. We stopped at few places on the Midlands Meander, a treasure hunt of artsy craftsy shops, little restaurants, and B&Bs in the area. One such place was the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, where Mandela was captured to be imprisoned for 27 years on Robben Island. They recently set up a monument and museum where the public can read about Mandela’s life and influence. While South Africa prepares for the former president’s impending death, we were moved to see the get-well cards and flowers at the site, many from children who were not even alive during his presidency.


In reading through Mandela’s life-journey in the museum, I was struck by…

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3 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. Stephanie, Happy “FIRST” Year Wedding Anniversary to you and David! WOW where did the year go! Love you May God bless you and David with many more! Thanks for taking the time to share with me! Looking forward to hearing or read about your how God has revealed Himself to David and You! Much prayers, Margaret



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