Meet Gugu!


Gugu, which means “precious” in Zulu, is very precious to the iThemba team! One of our new discipleship field workers, Gugu has a passion to see people’s lives changed. Her life was changed by Christ at her uncle’s funeral. Gugu had helped out in her church for many years before this. “I liked to go and help clean at church. I used to take my sisters and cousins with me to help me clean.” She laughs when she thinks about it. “But even though I went to church, I didn’t know God personally.” It took the death of her uncle to bring her to that point. “I loved my uncle, he was like my father, so at his funeral I gave my life to Christ. I didn’t say it publicly then, because I didn’t want to embarrass my boyfriend, but later on I did tell people openly.”

Gugu has always had a passion for kids and teenagers. “I kept serving in church, and started Bible Studies on Saturdays. I would gather teenagers to tell them my testimony. Because I had a child at age 16, I wanted them to make better choices.” Gugu’s pastor saw God had put something special in her, and he gave her chances to share with teens and the whole congregation.

In 2010, Gugu went to Union Bible Institute to learn more about the Bible. “I wanted to improve my skills teaching about the Bible,” she says.

Gugu volunteered with an iThemba teens camp while at UBI “I loved it!” she said. “I kept hoping they would need me for another camp!” When a position at iThemba opened up, she applied.

As a discipleship fieldworker, Gugu teaches Life Skills in schools in the community, she leads Life Group bible studies in the afternoons, and visits children in their homes.

“I love doing Bible studies, teaching kids about Christ and how to live for him. I also love the mentoring. When you do home visits, you get to know the kids and youth, and can see their problems and help them. To help even one person, and to see them reach their goals really inspires me.”

It’s very exciting to have a female discipleship field worker, since there are many teen girls in the community that need mentoring.

Gugu loves cooking, baking and reading, especially Christian books. She would love prayer for God’s wisdom as she helps kids and teens with their problems, and wisdom on how to discipline the unruly kids she gets in some of her Life Groups. 🙂

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