Pancakes, cars, and Xhosa Weddings

Pancakes for breakfast! The balloon on the table is a welcome balloon from a friend.

David and I are so happy to be settling into our flat. I have Monday’s off, and right now David does too. It is fun to have a “lazy day” every once in a while and do something fun…like make pancakes with chocolate bits inside. We are still figuring out how to do the dishes with one sink and not much counter space–but really, if that is our biggest worry, we are doing quite fine, thank you!

We also are praising God that we have access to a car now! Someone donated funds to iThemba so that we have a car to use while we are here! Even though the people selling the car needed it for another month, my boss is lending them their second car so we can have this one now. Driving is getting easier every day, (and it also helps it hasn’t been as misty these past few days!)

This weekend David went with my Mom to the Eastern Cape to the area where I was born for a wedding. It was his first experience of a Xhosa wedding, and he now agrees, our wedding was definitely on the short side. It was fun for him to meet Auntie Khumsa, the one who named me “Thandi”, and to see my “homeland.”

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