Give Me Your Coffee? (Or fries, or frostys…)

Hello, coffee drinking college friends! This post is for you! (And if you hate coffee, keep reading, because it also applies to all those Wendy’s-loving, midnight-Burger-King-running, Payne’s-custard-eating friends, too).

In a week David and I get on the plane to go to South Africa. That is, if David has his passport back from the South African consulate (they are still stamping in his visa as we speak). It has been an amazing adventure to see how God has provided for us so far! God is teaching me a lot about patience, and praying with perseverance.

Right now I am at 50% of my funding. That’s halfway there! Praise God!! We would really like, however, to walk off of that plane in one week knowing that we are at 100% funding. Which is a lot of fundraising to do in a week. Seems like a pretty big ask. But my God is pretty big.

So why am I telling you this? Because even though I am asking God, he uses his Body, the Church, to accomplish his plans on earth. He uses people in his Church, empowered by his Spirit, to bless others.

So what’s my request? That you would prayerfully consider fasting from your favorite drink/restaurant/coffee shop once a month, for one year, and use that money to support what God is doing in South Africa through iThemba (and me! :D) Even if you don’t support us financially, if you would still fast from your coffee once a month and pray for the ministry of iThemba, you, as a member of Christ’s body, will be a part of this ministry. Nothing can be accomplished without the Spirit of God–with your prayers, amazing things will happen! This blog will be filled with stories of lives being changed.

I know a lot of you are already giving to other great and worthy causes–so if you’re giving somewhere else–KEEP DOING THAT! YAY! God is working lots of places, not just in South Africa! But, I know (at least for me) when I was in college, I got stuck in a rut and did not give consistently to anything–and it was my loss! I missed out on being a part of God’s work all over the world.

If you are interested in supporting me:

Email Stu Walker ( with your name, the amount you would like to pledge, and if your donation is once off or monthly. Title your email “Steph Ebert’s Coffee Challenge”. He will give you the info of our US-based charity (called Restoration Hope)  that sends the money over to South Africa. (This charity is super-cool, because it means that you don’t have to donate a ton of money–even just $5 a month will get sent over to us!).

If you are forgetful: If you’re like, “This sounds great, but I am going to forget to do this once a month…”

  • Subscribe to my blog and pray whenever you get updates.
  • I can email you once a month and remind you to pray/fast. Just shoot me an email (, and tell me when you want me to email you.
  • Donate all at once (you can make a once off donation, so it doesn’t have to be monthly.)

I love you all! And I am so excited to see what God will do in this week!!

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