Changes (wonderful) Changes

I have never really liked change. I love having my schedule neatly laid out months in advance (color-coordinated, too). The past month, however, has just thrown all of my plans up in the air–and I am reminded once again that I can make plans, but God is the one who directs my steps! (Proverbs 16:9).

It started when the church we were going to get married in this winter was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. And then there was the issue of trying to get a visa during the December holidays. Then our plans to work at a summer camp all summer fell through. David and I also began to wonder if it would not be easier for him to find a job if he were in South Africa in person, rather than trying to do the search from overseas.The end of all of this, is that we decided to get married this summer, July 7th, while my Dad is in the States on a business trip.

We are so excited to get married, and have the chance to serve God together in South Africa! We really feel like God has a special plan for David in South Africa–even if we can’t tell what it is yet! We will have more time to apply for visas this summer, and it even looks like two of my best friends from South Africa are going to be able to fly out for the wedding!

But there are still lots of unknowns (lots of opportunities to trust, I guess). We are praying for work this summer for both of us, for David’s visa and job in South Africa, that all the pieces of a wedding will come together, and that all my needed support will come in.

Thank you for continuing to pray for both of us!

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